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when do we plant roses?

Nowadays we can plant roses all year round. That is, if the roses are grown in pots. All rose varieties in the Spelarosa program are delivered in pot. A great advantage to roses being delivered bare rooted. . Planting bare rooted roses October and November remains a good planting time. Another advantage of planting roses in the autumn is that most of the varieties are still available. Planting in the spring is another good time for "bare rooted" roses and the rest of the year it is advised to plant roses grown in a pot. The advantage of planting in the summer is that one can actually see the plant type and color of the rose.

It is advised to prepare the place before planting the roses. That is digging (deep) and mixing the right fertilizer through the soil. In case you plant the roses in a pot take care that the water can be drained easily. Roots of a rose "hate wet feet". Also a good rose soil is requested. When growing roses in pots you need to fertilize more frequently then in the soil.

You can also leave the roses in the beautiful Spelarosa pots. If you want to repot these in (for example), a larger pot, this is at all times possible.

winter protection.

All Spelarosa varieties are tested on winter hardiness. However, it may happen that we will once again, have a very severe winter. In that case it is advisable to protect your roses (as many other plants). Bring the soil up to 15 cm around the stem and branches of the rose and nothing will happen.

pruning of the roses.

Hybrid Tea and Floribunda roses are being pruned in March. (When no frost of course). Do not be afraid to cut back hard. Very thin branches you cut away completely. From the middle long stems you leave 7-9 cm. and from the largest and strongest stems you leave 10-12 cm.

Concerning Climbing roses you only take away the dead stems and the thin stems. From the other stems you cut nothing. Climbing roses flower on the stems grown the year before! (Note: If you find that your climbing rose is growing "too wild" after some years do not hesitate to prune what is "in your way").

Shrub roses as well as groundcover roses you can prune with electric trimmer and the height you want them to grow.

Patio roses you can cut back till 6-8 cm in the first year. When the plants get older you prune somewhat higher.


Also roses can get diseases. Even after a very severe selection it is possible that also Spelarosa varieties can get lice often caused by other plants in their neighborhood. Also mildew and other diseases may occur. For all diseases there are fungicides available.  Also available in the Spelarosa program. Important is that one discovers and treats the disease as soon as possible.  By the way, lice are easy to handle with soapsuds. Repeat this treatment after a week.