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"A rose is a rose is a rose" is a well-known saying with people who love roses, but is that really the case? Pit
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Over the years very many new rose-varieties are being introduced where even professional rose breeders as well as rose growers sometimes get confused with these many new rose introductions. That is why a few top rose growers have come together in order to finally make the best choice of rose-varieties for the public with the criteria: health, growth,  free flowering and, very important, the quality of the plants and introduce these varieties in Europe under the A-trademark Spelarosa ® (quality only).

health and beauty

The Spelarosa ® rose varieties are selected from fifteen (!) different professionals rose breeders from all over the world. This great choice is absolutely unique in the rose world. All varieties are being tested in the, often cold and wet, climate in the Netherlands. All Spelarosa ® varieties are grown in top soil only and under the most severe environment rules.

top growers

All these special selected roses are being grown by the best rose growers only so that the best quality plants are also guaranteed. Spelarosa even has a specialist "on the road"  who controls the quality at the growers as well as at the garden centers or other selling points where the Spelarosa ® varieties are being sold to the public.

SPELAROSA? : a name to remember !

Spelarosa-girl. You recognize the Spelarosa® rose-assortment from the Spelarosa-girl on the oval label where also the name and picture of the rose, as well as the plant instructions are printed.  

On the colour of  the pot and the dress of the girl you can recognize the group of the roses. (For example Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, Patio etc. etc.) so that if you plan to purchase more varieties out of  the same group you just have to look at the color of the pot and/or the dress of the girl.

beautiful pots in full color!

All roses are being offered all around the year in pretty pots so that you can plant the roses whenever you want to. You can even leave the roses in the pots. (For exemple on the balcony).

we guarantee that

Every rose sold with the Spelarosa® control mark is true to name and in the best quality plant only.

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